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Floor leveling

Floor Leveling

Over time floors will become uneven; typically this is caused by the wood warping, wear and tear or the house settling. There may even be an older floor hiding under your current floor depending on how old the house is and when you purchased it.

Even if you plan on covering your current floor with new wood, or linoleum, you’ll still want to level the existing floor first.  

Floor leveling is not an easy task, many people attempt it with much less than satisfactory results.

Some people attempt to “sand and fill” the floor and hope for the best. While this make work in some cases where the floor only has a few low spots it won’t fix the problem if your floor is just unlevel. All it will do at that point is help all the marbles roll across the floor faster.

To truly level a floor it’s best to contact someone that has experience in floor leveling and knows how to get to the heart of the problem. Here at LCS Builders, we look UNDER you floor to see if the house as shifted, if there is dry rot on support boards, piping pulling the floorboard down and for many other things that are preventing your floor from being level.

If you take it upon yourself to do the floor leveling you may just be masking a more serious problem of dry rot or sunken foundation. Masking over these issues can lead to much more serious problems down the road. It’s likely your house is your biggest investment, don’t take chances with the home where you live, call LCS Builders today, we’ll handle that floor leveling job the right way.

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