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House Leveling

House Leveling

House leveling and foundation repair typically go hand in hand.

Generally speaking as houses and their foundations shift, they cause a variety of problems such as cracked walls, sticky doors or windows, tilting chimneys, of uneven floors.

All of these problems can be resolved by leveling out the house and putting it back to its original level position.

At LCS Builders we’re experts in both foundation repairs and house leveling. We use state of the art equipment and our 25 years of experience to ensure that your home is level and true; often times better than it was when it was first built.

While there are many DIY sites on the internet showing methods for house leveling, they are typically very crude and could cause you to end up with a house that was worse off then when you started.

Don’t take chances with the welfare of your home, call the professionals at LCS Builders today

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